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Today in history (Friday,Jul 21, 2017)

1831Belgium gains independence from Netherlands (Natl Day).
18611st major battle of the Civil War -- Bull Run Va.; South wins.
1867City Gardens on Folsom opens
1873World's 1st train robbery by Jesse James
1898Spain cedes Guam to US
1921Indians 9 & Yankees 7 doubles for a record 16 doubles
1925John Scopes found guilty in Tenn for teaching evolution
1940Soviet Union annexes Estonia Latvia Lithuania.
1944US forces return to Guam after Japanese occupation.
1954at Geneva France agrees to independence of North & South Vietnam.
19551st sub powered by liquid metal cooled reactor launched - Seawolf
19591st atomic powered merchant ship Savannah christened Camden NJ
1961Mercury 4 is launched into sub-orbital flight
1961Launch of Mercury 4 (Liberty bell) with Grissom.
1965Gemini 5 launched atop Titan V with Cooper & Conrad
1966Gemini X returns to Earth
1969Neil Armstrong steps on the moon at 2:56:15 a.m. (GMT).
1975Billy Martin fired as manager of Tx Rangers
1976Legionnaire's Disease kills 29 in Phila
19841st documented case of a robot killing a human in US
1986Pleasure Island plans unveiled
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