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Rabbit Trap School – Stilwell (Vic)

Address: County Adair
Started: Completed1939

Current Usage


This rectangular (50′ x 35′), two-room school is constructed of randomly laid uncut native stone with beaded masonry. The roof is hipped with projecting eaves and a projecting center gable supported by crude wooden columns. The double door front entryway is recessed with an open porch. Double-hung wood sash windows are arranged in pairs and have concrete sills and lintels.
The construction of the Rabbit Trap school provided an economic stimulus to the community by providing work for depression stricken farmers whose wages were infused back into the local economy thus easing the burdens of a limited money supply. Its construction fostered a sense of community pride and achievement when those two qualities were not widely in evidence. Architecturally the building is unique for its projecting gable on hipped roof.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Go west of Stilwell on State highway 51 approximately 7 1/4 miles, then north 1/2 mile to a tract of land beginning 416 feet south of the NW corner of Sec. 13, T 16 N, R 24 E, then east 208 feet, south 208 feet, west 208 feet,and north 208 feet.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

  1. WPA Properties Adair County – Rabbit Trap School



  1. Sonya Wolf Schofield

    Is this school a historical marker? A historical landmark? If not, why? My father and his siblings attended this school. My mother could provide a lot of information regarding the school, as well as two siblings that are still alive. Please contact me.

    • gsullaway

      This is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places nor on Oklahoma Historic Places. Surveys have been performed and find that it was missing criterion for nomination. I would like any information you want to provide about the history of this structure and although my immediate interest is only on the Works Progress Administration’s building of it, I will add any other historic information to this page. Thanks for the visit.

  2. James Fletcher

    I went to school at rabbit trap either 67 or 68 I think there were 32 students first to 12th grade one teacher taught them all cannot remember her name quite a lady. The cook was also the cleaning lady and the janitor was the bus driver. Great place growing up it’s a shame it hasn’t been restored and a historical monument marker placed in front of it

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