Address:  Main & Broadway, Goltry, OklahomaCountyAlfalfa
Started Completed 1936

Current Usage:

Town Hall and City Offices.


The Goltry School Gymnasium/ Auditorium is a rectangular (90′ x 62′) structure constructed of red brick. The gable roof is covered with metal sheeting. Brick columns decorate the west side. Three entrances and two windows on the north side have been bricked over, and the entry into the gymnasium is through the addition to the east side. A concrete addition also is attached to the south side of the building. Fixed metal windows with brick sills are singly spaced. The additions and alterations affect the integrity of the building.
Construction of the Goltry Gymnasium/Auditorium created temporary jobs and financial relief for unemployed workers in this agricultural and railroad community. Community pride was enhanced by providing space for school and community athletic and social activities. As a WPA building, the structure is notable for its scale and use of brick for construction material. Within the community it is unique architecturally because of its type, style, and scale.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lot 11, Block 30, Goltry original.


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