Address: 600 Lake Murray Drive, Ardmore, OklahomaCounty: Carter
Started: Completed: 1942
Agencies:WPANRHP:March 8, 2006

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The Hardy Murphy Coliseum is a two-story, rectangular (364′ x 270′) structure constructed of rusticated and coursed native sandstone as well as cut limestone blocks. With the exception of the front entry facade, the second story is fishroped from poured concrete blocks. The roof is arched over the central section of the structure, although it is flat over the front portion and that part of the building that is single story. Parapets are capped either with sand or limestone. Excepting the center segment, on the front most corners are curved and windows are filled with opaque glass. These features, and the framing of side front doors with limestone pilasters and lintels, give the building a distinct art deco flavor. On the second story the window openings are filled with metal encased panes or metal sash windows. Entry into the arena of the coliseum is achieced through a host of garage doors on either side. Filling of some of these doors with wood inserts and some of the upper windows with cinder blocks has not destroyed the essential architectural integrity of the building.
The Hardy Murphy Coliseum is most notably significant because of its scale. It is easily one of the largest structures erected by the WPA in Oklahoma. Also important is the fact that the construction of the coliseum provided jobs for unskilled and destitute citizens of the area. Over the years, the coliseum has provided facilities for rodeos, concerts, fair activities, and many other types of recreational activities. Unique for its type, style, scale, materials, and workmanship, Hardy Murphy Coliseum is one of the best-known and most loved structures in the city of Ardmore.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Beginning at a point 1248 feet east and 1040 north of the SW corner of Sec. 32, T 4 S, R 2 E, go 416 feet east, 416 feet north, 416 feet west and 416 feet south.


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  3. Hardy Murphy Coliseum

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