Address: Vic. Tahlequah, OklahomaCounty Cherokee
Started: Completed 1938

Current Usage


Originally a four-room school house, the Grand View building is rectangular and constructed of uncut and uncoursed native stone laid in a random rubble pattern. Window jambs and corners have been squared with poured concrete. The roof is hipped with two interior chimneys; a small intersecting hipped roof extends as a cover to an enclosed entryway on the east front. Window openings extend to the eaves and contain wood sash windows arranged by sixes. Cinder block extensions to the building are attached to either end; alterations that negatively impact the integrity of the structure.
Construction of the Grand View school building impacted the local community significantly in that it poured wages from some 14,800 man-hours of labor into mainstreet and enabled destitute agriculturalists to provide necessities for their families. Architecturally the building is notable for its use of poured concrete to square corners and jambs, a feature that provides decoration for the structure. Significantly too is that the building improved the quality of education in the community in that it replaced a condemned wooden structure.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Go one mile north and 1.5 miles west and one-half north to the school site; begin at the southeast corner of the NE 1/4 of Sec. 18, T 17 N, R 22 E, and then go north 416 feet, west 300 feet, south 416, and east 300 feet.


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