Address:Bluff Ave. & Choctaw Street, Tahlequah, OklahomaCounty Cherokee
Started: Completed 1941

Current Usage


The east end of Choctaw Street abuts with Bluff Avenue. Since the elevation of Choctaw is lower than Bluff, it was necessary to construct a bridge-like divider which begins about 200 ft. north of Choctaw and extends about 100 ft. south of the intersection. This is a sloping concrete divider which splits the lanes on Bluff, allowing access to Choctaw. The construction is similar to the two nearby WPA bridges, and a WPA shield with the date 1941 is visible on one of the support pillars. The pillars are approximately twelve feet apart, with metal pipe railings. The concrete sidewall of the barrier is painted ‘Welcome to Tahlequah.’”[1]


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