Harmon County


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  • Gould Jr. High School-Gould
  • Gould School Truck Shed And Workshop-Gould
  • Purvie Hill School Gymnasium And Auditorium-Gould
  • American Legion Hall-Gould
  • Goodwill School-Gould
  • Gould Community Building-Gould
  • La Cassa School-Gould
  • Civic Park-Hollis
  • Harmon City Ag. Ex. Bldg.-Hollis
  • Lacasa School Bus Garage-Hollis
  • Storm Cellar For School-Hollis
  • Teacherage, Garage, And Classroom Building-Hollis
  • Westview Bus Garage And Home Economic Bldg.-Hollis
  • Westview School Gym-Hollis
  • Will Husband Stadium-Hollis
  • Hollis High School-Hollis
  • La Casa #7 School Compound-Hollis
  • Lacasa High School Addition And Teacherage-Hollis
  • U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Building-Hollis
  • Vinson School Bus Garage-Vinson
  • Vinson School Home Econ. And Shop Bldg.-Vinson
  • Independence Community Building-Vinson
  • Metcalf School-Vinson
  • Ron School-Vinson

Harmon County Courthouse Information

Harmon County Clerk
114 W. Hollis
Hollis, OK  73550
Telephone:  (580) 688-3658

Directions:  On W. Hollis St. and N. Main St.

Libraries in Harmon County

Hollis Public Library
201 W. Broadway
Hollis, OK  73550
Telephone:  (580) 688-2744

Historic Newspaper Archives of Harmon County

Museum and Historic Societies

Harmon County Historical Museum
102 West Broadway Street
Highway 62
Hollis, Oklahoma
Please, call 580-688-9545