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Athletic Field and Stadium – Broken Bow

Address:┬áSeventh and Costilow, Broken Bow, OklahomaCounty: McCurtain
Started: Completed: 1941

Current Usage:


The athletic field at Broken Bow is composed of a football gridiron and a red cinder track. On the south edge of the field is a rectangular (110′ x 43′) stadium, with a poured concrete superstructure and stands that rise sixteen tiers. On the north edge of the field is a stands of eight tiers constructed of poured concret and untooled and uncoursed native sand stone. Enclosing the entire field is a seven foot high, rectangular (266′ x 486′) fence built from undressed native sandstone and laid without regard to course. Pillers are placed every twenty feet to give the fence stability. The superstructure of the south, concrete stadium has been enclosed with concrete blocks and a press box placed atop the whole. These alterations have not seriously impeached the architectural integrity of the entire athletic facility.
The Broken Bow Athletic Field and Stadiums have significance in that they demonstrate the broad dimensions of the WPA public works program and reflect how that agency defined “useful” construction projects. At a time when spirits were low and self-confidence was lacking, the WPA sponsored a project that upon completion enabled residents of Broken Bow to gather in support of a local team and take pride in their success. Broken Bow has had a winning football team ever since the 1930s. Architecturally the field and stadiums are significant within the community because of type and scale; of WPA projects sponsored by the school district they are the only ones remaining. The high school building, a beautiful structure, burned Halloween night, 1983. It is also important that construction of the stadiums provided job opportunities for persons who had been without work for years, enabling them to support themselves and regain some self-esteem.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Block 31, and Lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Block 30, Broken Bow Heights Addition


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  1. Clifford Allen Sanders

    my father, ed sanders, worked wpa on that stadium. i remember taking him a (rare) hot lunch there. i went through the fourth grade in Broken Bow. In 1941 my 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Bennett.

    • gsullaway

      Thanks for the information, it is always wonderful to get personal stories of these structures.

  2. Vickie Bates

    I know this is a long shot but.. can anyone help me find where my great grandparents where moved to when the cemetery was moved for the making of the football field. We have looked everywhere to no avail. Both grandparents were buried there in 1929 a week apart. Thank you for any help or information.

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