Du Bois Grade School – Muskogee (Vic)

Address: Summit (Vic)County Muskogee
Started: Completed 1940
Agencies:WPANRHP:September 28, 1984

Current Usage:

Burned down in 1991.


This rectangular (29′ x 100′) school building is constructed of uncut native stone of auburn color in a masonry of random rubble. The roof is flat with parapets. The doorway is recessed behind an arched entryway which contains a triangular arch above it that reaches beyond the roof. There is also Junette just above the entryway. The windows are very large or very small and were used to add decorative elements to the structure. All of these windows have concrete sills and all windows have partial wood inserts. The brick structure on its north side was the original Summit school building to which the WPA structure was attached. It and the window alterations do not impeace the original architectural integrity of the building.
DuBois School is located in a predominantly black city, which makes it particularly important in Oklahoma. This school is significant because it constituted an economically important community resource. Its construction provided wages for local families which were infused back into the depressed local economy and help to minimize the impact of the financial crisis on mainstreet. Jobs generated by the construction of the school enabled previously destitute men to provide for their families and restored a sense of pride in their own manhood. The educational significance is apparent in that the school has served for many years as the only educational facility in the black community. Architecturally, the structure is notable for its vernacular style and its remarkable workmanship.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the SE corner of the SW 1/4 of Sec. 20, T 14 N, R 18 E, go 832 feet west as the point of beginning, then go north 416 feet, west 208 feet, south 416 feet, and east 208 feet.

Summit’s W. E. B. DuBois School was listed in the National Register of Historic Places before burning to the ground in 1991[2]


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  1. Marsha Porter

    My siblings and I attended Dubois grade school with Principle Mrs. smith and are proud of our edication and roots. Where can I find photos of the school and the Dubois Demons blue demons school logo.

    • gsullaway

      You might inquire about these photos either from the Muskogee Historic Society or the Library at Muskogee. The library has a large genealogy department and very helpful staff. What is on my website is the current information so far that I have researched. Thank you for visiting my research website.

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