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The Roff Gymnasium is a single-story, rectangular (130′ x 83′) structure constructed of brick on a stone foundation. The front projecting entryway has been moved forward about 12 feet, and an addition has been built between it and the gym proper. The rear of the gym has a wing which comprises the stage for the auditorium. It has a flat roof, while the rest of the structure has a high arched roof. The sash windows have brick sills. Parapets, pilasters, concrete insets, and brick friezes add decoration. The alteration of the front entryway has compromised the integrity of the structure.
The gymnasium/auditorium was built in order that the curriculum of Roff Schools might more fully meet the needs of its students. At the time, a scarcity of money could have prevented its construction, but with federal aid it was completed. Significantly, labor was hired from among the ranks of the unemployed, thereby keeping many in productive labor and off the dole. Architecturally, the structure is unique in type, scale, and style, as well as workmanship.[1]

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VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Southeast corner of Block 109, Roff original plat PICTURE REFERENCE: none


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