Blaine Stadium and Fieldhouse – Ponca City

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Address:  Fifth and Brookfield Streets, Ponca City, Oklahoma 040, Kay County 071 County  Kay
Started:  1936 Completed 1937

Current Usage


Situated on the north side of the Ponca City High School athletic field, Blaine Stadium is a single-level, rectangular (640′ x 55′) grandstand constructed of rusticated and coursed native stone. The masonry is excellent. The structure rises 15 tiers to meet the rear wall which steps up to a centrally placed cornice. The grandstand is entered via five walk-through passages.
The Blaine Stadium Fieldhouse is located just west of the grandstands. Constructed of rusticated and coursed native stone, the rectangular (ca. 74′ x 29′) structure has a roof with end gables sided with wood. There are one double and three single door entryways, while on the east end windows serve as concession stand counters.
The Blaine Stadium and Fieldhouse are significant for the immediate and long-range impact they have had upon the Ponca City community. At the depth of the depression and the onset of the Dust Bowl, construction of the facility poured wages for 32,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy, helping to revitalize the mainstreet hit hard by the decline of the oil industry and of the value of agricultural proiducts. Construction also enabled jobless workers to find meaningful employment, which in turn prevented the total destitution of the family and revived self-pride. The facility also contributed to the social and educational life of the community. Architecturally, the structure was unique to the community in terms of type, construction materials and style. As a WPA facility it demonstrated the breadth of the agency’s definition of a “useful” project, suggesting that recreation and athletic contests were critical to recovery from the depression. The lasting benefit of the Blaine Stadium and Fieldhouse is reflected by the fact that they are both in use one-half century later.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Beginning at the intersection of Fifth and Brookfield Streets, go east 624 feet, south 208 feet, west 624 feet, and north 208 feet, all in Blaine Park, Cross Townsite.

This property is listing on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]


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