Capron School and Gym – Capron

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Address:  1317 Broad Way Street, Capron, Oklahoma County  Woods
Started:   Completed  1940

Current Usage


The Capron School and Gymnasium is a large, L-shaped (218′ x 50′, with an ca. 80′ x 70′ extension) structure constructed of coursed yellow brick. The roof is arched over the gymnasium, while elsewhere it is flat with parapets capped by concrete blocks. The recessed west entrance is framed by stepped pilasters that exend above the roof line. Wood sash windows are double spaced with concrete slip sills and brick lintels. Corner pilasters and a watertable are additional decorative features. Despite broken window panes and an addition attached to the northeast side, the building retains its architectural integrity.
The Capron School and Gymnasium symbolizes the nature of the WPA construction program. The facility dramatically improved the quality of public education in the community, its consruction salvaged the pride and eased the destitution of unemployed laborers by giving them useful employment, and the 48,000 man-hours of wages paid workers stimulated the local economy. As a WPA building, the Capron School and Gymnasium was unique in northwestern Oklahoma in its use of buff brick as construction materials. Locally, the facility is architecturally notable in terms of its type, style, materials of construction, and nature of workmanship.[1]


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