Carrier School & Gym/Auditorium – Carrier

Address: West side of the city along State Hwy 45CountyGarfield

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The Carrier School/Gymnasium is a T -shaped, single-story structure (178′ x 137′) constructed of yellow brick. The roof is flat with concrete capped parapets over the classroom portion of the building, while the gymnasium has an arched roof with a stepped gable. The recessed entry on the east side is framed by poured concrete pilasters, a pediment and porch roof, features that allude to art deco style. Metal encased windows are placed from two to five in a group and have continuous concrete sills and lintels. An addition has been attached to the building on the south side, and metal additions have been added to the sides of the gym on the rear.
The Carrier School-Gymnasium is exceptionally significant because it altered the course of the agricultural community’s economic and social life. Laborers made destitute by the twin tragedies of the dust bowl and the depression were provided desperately-needed jobs, and the educational process within the community was revitalized. Indeed, the project infused wages for some 60,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy, preventing the destitution of individual workers and the local business district. The educational resource that resulted from the project permitted the inauguration of a more modern curriculum and provided a focus of community life that continues to the present. Architecturally the building is wholly unique to Carrier, and its very modest allusion to art deco style distinguishes it from other WPA buildings in northwestern Oklahoma.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: That part of Lots 1 through 13, Block 28, Carrier original described as follows: from the park located in Carrier at the ninety degree turn south on Highway 45, 3/10 of a mile west past COOP and on south side of highway to point of beginning; then 178 feet south, 137 feet west, 108 feet north, 82 feet east, 70 feet north, 55 feet east to point of beginning. 


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