Carson School Campus (Two Bldgs) – Dustin (Vic)

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Address:  Vicinity of Dustin, Oklahoma 040, Hughes County 063; Sec. 13, T 8 N, R 11 E County:  Hughes
Started:   Completed:  1937-1939

Current Usage:


The Carson school campus consists of two WPA structures: a classroom/gymnasium facility and a teacherage. Constructed of untooled and uncoursed native sandstone, the classroom/gym building is rectangular (59′ x 141′) and has a gabled roof over the gym and a flat roof with parapets over the two classrooms. Walls are capped with cut stone. Windows, with cut stone sills and singly placed, a slightly extended facade with an arch as an entryway, and the undulations of the frontal cornice give the structure a distinct romanesque quality. The masonry and rock color are excellent.
Bungalow-like, the teacherage is a single story, rectangular (27′ x 36′) structure constructed of untooled and uncoursed native sandstone. The roof is gabled, as is the cover for the front porch. The porch rests on pedistals. Windows are singly placed. The teacherage is located 100 feet southwest of the school/gym building.
The two buildings are significant because construction of them provided job opportunities in a rural and remote area for unskilled and unemployed agricultural workers who for more than two years had survived barely with welfare relief assistance. The Carson campus structures also were handsome facilities that encouraged, almost for the first time, real interest in education. As WPA buildings, the class/gym structure is remarkable for its clear romanesque style. It is the only example of a two room class facility with its own gym encountered in southeastern Oklahoma. Within the community the facilities are totally unique architecturally because of their style, type, scale, materials and workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From Dustin follow state highway No. 9 two and oneĀ­half miles west to a paved county road going south; go south approximately six and one-half miles to the school property on the west side of the road, it beinning in the SW corner of Sec. 13, T 8 N, R 11 E, and going north 418 feet, west 209 feet, south 418 feet and east 209 feet. 


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