Checotah School Campus (Two Buildings) – Checotah

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Address: Second and Jefferson Streets, Checotah, Oklahoma 040, McIntosh County 091 County McIntosh
Started: Completed 1937, 1939

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The Checotah school campus consists of elementary and junior high school WPA buildings. A building of 14 rooms, the elementary school is a single-story, rectangular (270′ x 72′) structure constructed of coursed and rusticated native sandstone. The roof is flat with parapets. The main entrance and others on each end of the school are recessed behind archways. The two main entryways are framed by pilasters. Pilaster strips are also along the front wall and on each corner, and these give the building an art deco flavor. The window openings have been reduced by attaching wood panels. These windows have concrete lentils. The entire school has been painted a beige color. The alterations do not impeach the architectural integrity of the structure.
The junior high school and gymnasium combination has eight rooms and is a single-story, rectangular (9 5′ x 191 ‘) building constructed of red brick. The masonry is running bond. The center of the roof is arched and is flat on each side. All parts have parapets. The door is recessed behind a square entryway. The windows on the back of the building have screens attached, and the front windows were made smaller with wood inserts. The alterations do not impeach the architectural integrity of the structure.
At one time, the elementary school building was the largest building in McIntosh County. Few WPA structures could compare in scale. Architecturally, the junior high school is most unique in terms of materials used. Red brick was not the usual material used by the WPA. These spectacular schools greatly enhanced educational opportunities to area residents. WPA school projects became a necessity to those in this drought-stricken area. They provided work for many destitute, unskilled, and unemployed laborers on relief who wanted to do useful work. The WPA was able to infuse wages of some 86,200 man-hours of labor into the local economy.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Block 86, Checotah original


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