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Clearview School Campus (Two Bldgs) – Clearview

Address: Clearview, Oklahoma 040, Okfuskee County 107County: Okfuskee
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:


The Clearview school campus consists of a gymnasium and an agricultural building. The gymnasium is a single-story, rectangular (68′ x 72′) structure constructed of red brick. The masonry of the building is running bond. The roof is arched with parapets. Windows have been covered with white boards, and the entrances are covered by additions on the north and south sides of the building. These alterations impeach the integrity of the structure.
The vocational training and domestic science building has four rooms and is a single­story, L-shaped (72′ x 41′) structure constructed of cut, rusticated, and crudely coursed native stone of buff color. The roof is cross-gabled with a tent on the front part of the building. The front door is outlined in concrete. The windows reach to the eaves and have concrete sills. There is a concrete block addition attached to the north side of the building which impeaches the integrity of the structure. The WPA also constructed a rock fence around the entire school grounds, including the science building and gymnasium. This fence is constructed of uncut native stone in auburn and buff colors

These buildings are unique because they were constructed in a town with a pedominantly black population. Many black unskilled and unemployed laborers were given useful work and some economic security at a time when such opportunities were scarce. As a WPA structure in southeastern Oklahoma, the gymnasium is unique because of its red brick. No other building in Clearview can compare to this gymnasium’s scale. It is also unique in terms of type, style, and workmanship. The second building, being specifically for vocational training and domestic science study, makes it unique within the region. Both projects greatly enhanced educational and occupational opportunities for children in the area.Quadrangle: Less than two acres[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: All of Block 6, Clearview original.



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  1. Shirley Nero

    The gym is still in use as a community center. The vocational building burned down a few years ago. I have photos of the building.

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