County Courthouse – Woodward

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Address:  1600 Main Street, Woodward, Oklahoma 73801 County  Woodward
Started:   Completed  1937

Current Usage


Construction of the Woodward County Courthouse was completed in 1937 with support from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (FEAPW), also known as the Public Works Administration (PWA).[1]

The Woodward County Court House was constructed in 1936-1937 under the employment assistance program, the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (FEAPW), established on June 16, 1933. It was renamed PWA and placed under Federal Works Agency effective July 1, 1939. The PWA was abolished in 1943. 

This is a two-story masonry-faced building which faces South on Main Street in Woodward. It is still used as a center of Woodward County operations. The facade has nine bays, with the outer ones slightly projected. The pilasters between each bay are fluted. Each bay has a double set of windows on each level, which are three-pane fixed units. In each bay, between and first and second floors are cast stone friezes with floral designs. A narrow row of cast stone embellishment is located at the roof line, with small raised accents above bays 2-8. Above the second floor windows is a wide frieze reading WOODWARD COUNTY COURT HOUSE. [2]

Listed on National Register Of Historic Places.[3]

Buildings found on the NRHP website and are different buildings, need more information on the correct building or changes made. Need to read NRHP Nomination Form in detail.



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