Earlsboro High School Shop Building – Earlsboro

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Address:  Unmarked Streets, Earlsboro, Oklahoma 040, Pottawatomie County 125 County: Pottawatomie
Started:   Completed:  1938

Current Usage:


The High School Shop building is a single-story, rectangular (50′ x 32′) structure constructed of brick. The roof is gabled, with an intersecting hipped roof extending over the recessed front, single door, entryway. Windows rest on pre-formed concrete sills, and a garage door is situated on the front. A 47 feet by 26 feet cinder block addition to the rear of the building and a different roof line has impaired the original integrity of the structure.
This building as well as the less disturbed high school building itself demonstrate the importance of the WPA to the Earlsboro school district. To it the WPA constituted the genesis of modern education. In addition the construction of the two structures certainly alleviated the unemployment problem produced by the depression.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: The shop sits NW of the Highschool in a 208 square foot tract in the SE corner of Block 28 or 29, Earlsboro original plat.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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