George Washington School – Durant

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Address: East Main and 3rd Street, Durant, Oklahoma 040, Bryan County O 13County: Bryan
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:

Vision Academy – An alternative education school.


A building of twelve or more rooms, George Washington School is a single story, L ¬≠shaped 045′ vertically; 127′ horizontally structure constructed of buff brick laid with a running bond. The roof is flat with parapets; the doors are recessed behind corner archways. Decorative cornices midway on the wings, red roof tile above the entryways, placement of arches and use of buff brick give a Spanish colonial motif to the building. Except on the south front where it is by twos, the window placement is by threes. Window sills are concrete. Original windows have been replaced with ones more energy efficient, and an addition of buff brick has been attached to the east end of the building. The alterations, however, have not impeached the architectural integrity of the structure.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1939; builder/architect: Albert S. Ross
As a WPA school building, the structure is notable for its stylistic allusion to Spanish colonial architecture and its use of brick building materials. It suggests the relative “prosperity” of urban school districts as opposed to those in rural areas. Within the community the building is unique architecturally because of its style and workmanship. The school building is also significant because construction of it provided useful work and some economic security for destitute laborers in the Durant area where none had existed previously. The modern architectural features, e.g. expansive windows, facilited the learning process as well.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 4, 5 and 6, Block 182, Durant original


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