Gore School and Gym – Gore

Address: 215 Fifth Street, Gore, Oklahoma County: Sequoyah
Started: Completed: 1937

Current Usage:


The Gore school is a “H” shaped structure which measures 144 feet along the front and 129 feet along the sides. It is constructed from uncoursed native stone with beaded mortar. The building consists of a central gym with an arched roof which is fronted by a classroom unit with a stepped gable roof and intersected by two perpendicular classroom units with gable roofs. Window openings reach to the eaves and have concrete sills. Metal sash windows placed by threes headed with wood fillers now constitute the windows. Two separate entries located in the front are recessed under cut stone arches. A cinder block addition has been constructed on the north side of the gym but this has not impeached the integrity of the structure.
Economically the Gore school building is significant because the wages earned through some 88,000 man-hours of labor provided a financial boost to a community suffering from the depression. The building still benefits the community economically in that the wages earned by the teachers and employees of the school are infused back into the local economy. The school has served nearly fifty years as a learning center for the children of the community. Architecturally the building is unique with a central gym which is fronted and intersected by classroom units.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the intersection of Fifth and Carlile, go 180 feet northeast, 200 feet southeast, 180 feet southwest, and 200 feet northwest.

Coordinates: 35.53228 -95.11704


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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