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Address:  Vicinity of Bristow, Oklahoma 040, Creek County 03; SW 1/4, Sec. 3, T 14 N, R 8 E  County  Creek
Started:   Completed  1940

Current Usage


This gymnasium is a single-story, rectangular (85′ x 74′) building constructed of cut, coursed, and rusticated native stone of buff color. The roof is flat with parapets. The main entrance is covered by a concrete addition attached to it. The original window panes are still in some windows. Others have been covered with wood, and some have concrete inserted. The sills have been painted white. Pilaster strips give the building an art deco flavor. The alterations impeach the integrity of the building.
The construction of this gymnasium is significant because it provided useful work to unskilled laborers in need. It also gave children in this rural region more educational opportunities. Architecturally, the building is unique within the area for its style, type, scale, materials, and workmanship. This WPA project is still used as a gym.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Go south of Bristow on highway no. 48 some 8.5 miles then east on county road 4 miles to road intersection; then go 491 feet north and 194 feet east to school site which goes 85 feet east, 74 feet north, 85 feet west, 74 feet south to a point of beginning; all in the SW corner of the SW 1/4 of Sec. 3, T ll/- N, R 8 E.


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