Hawthorne Park Tennis Courts – Okmulgee

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Address:  Okmulgee Street, Okmulgee, Oklahoma 04-0, Okmulgee County 111  County:  Okmulgee
Started:   Completed:  1935

Current Usage:


These four tennis courts were constructed of concrete and measure 14-3 feet on one side. New nets and a fence have been added. They are particularly unique in scale as a WPA project.
Construction of these tennis courts provided work for unskilled and unemployed laborers at a time when such opportunities were scarce. The courts are also unique in terms of type, materials used, and especially in scale. This WPA project also enhanced recreational opportunities in the area and therefore contributed to better moral among the people of Okmulgee during the depths of the depression.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION:From the intersection of Lagonda and Okmulgee Streets go south 312 feet, east 208 feet, north 312 feet, and west 208 feet.


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