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Address:  Pine and Regan Streets, Hominy, Oklahoma 040, Osage County 113  County:  Osage
Started:   Completed:  1936

Current Usage:

Fire Station


A single story, rectangular (257′ x 141 ‘) structure, the Hominy Armory is constructed of rusticated and randomly laid native sandstone. Pilasters, an extended front entry facade with decorative stone work and elongated windows provide stylistic features. Equally important are bas-reliefs of the American Eagle and crossed rifles. Above the drill floor the roof is arched, while elsewhere it is flat. Parapets are capped with and window sills are constructed from pre-formed concrete blocks. Five garage doors provide vehicle entrance into the building. Windows are metal casements. Enclosing three of the front windows with wood inserts have not impeached the integrity of the building.
The Hominy Armory is significant because it symbolizes the maturity of the Oklahoma National Guard as a military unit. Hardly 30 years old in 1936, the guard had served well in state and national crisises but still occupied temporary-like facilities and thought of itself as second class. The Hominy Armory and 56 others like it, all built by 1943, brought pride and self-respect, instilling a measure of confidence that enabled the guard to render distinguished and heroic service during World War II. Construction also provided jobs for the jobless and created a structure that architecturally was wholly unique in Hominy in terms of type, style, materials and workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 2-7, Block 20, Hominy original plat


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