Jenks High School Gym – Jenks

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Address: 4th and A Streets, Jenks, Oklahoma 040, Tulsa County 143County: Tulsa
Started: Completed: 1938

Current Usage:


Single story with high ceilings, the Jenks gym is rectangular (112′ x 73′) in shape and is constructed of cut but unrusticated native sandstone laid randomly. Masonry is rather crude. The building has both parapets, capped with pre-formed concrete slabs, and pilasters. The front two entryways are enclosed porches. Unfortunately, on either side of the building has been added concrete block additions that extend the length of the building. These have pretty much impeached the architectural integrity of the building.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1937-1938; architect/builder: unknown
Relative to other WPA-constructed school gyms, the structure at Jenks is bigger. It obviously provided a considerable number of jobs for laborers who had long been unemployed because of the national depression. Locally, the gym is unique in terms of architectural style, type, materials and workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 21-24, Block 8, Jenks original plat.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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