Address: 111 Main, Milburn, OklahomaCounty: Johnston
Started: Completed: 1938

Current Usage:



The Gymnasium/Community building in Milburn is a WPA reconstruction of an older, main street building. It is a two-room (plus the gym), single-story, rectangular (94′ x 77′) structure with an east wing. It is constructed of brick and has decorative friezes. The community building rests on the west side of the gym and has a flat roof. The gym has an arched roof. Windows are sash.
The Milburn gymnasium project was significant in that the work that it provided helped many who were out of work at the time. The building provided the town of Milburn recreational facilities and a community meeting place. Architecturally, the building is significant because of its scale, style, and type.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: 87 feet north of the corner of State Highway 78 and Main Street in Lots 8, 9, and 10 of Block 39, Milburn original


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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