Address: Murray State College, Tishomingo, OklahomaCounty: Johnston
Started: Completed: unknown

Current Usage:

School Property


The campus of Murray State College houses two WPA structures. One is a small house, the other a barn which has been converted and now houses the Veterinary Technology school. The single-story, two-room house is rectangular (26′ x 18′) and constructed of tooled native stone blocks randonly laid. The gabled roof, extends over a corner porch and entryway. The porch is supported by a stone pedestal. Gable ends are sided with clapboards. Windows are wood sash with concrete sills.
The barn is a two-story, rectangular (151′ x 41 ‘) structure constructed of rusticated and coursed native stone. It has a gambrel roof, and windows are steel casement. Garage size door openings on either end originally permitted vehicles to drive through the structure. The front opening has been converted into a single doorway covered by a hipped porch roof, while the rear opening retains its double sliding barn doors. A second story opening on the rear was the hay door. Ventilators are situated in the apex of the gables. A concrete block wing on the south side of the building has not impaired its architectural integrity.
The two structures on the Murray State College campus are significant in different ways. The small stone house is architecturally unique on the campus in terms of type and style and even materials. It seems almost out of place, and it is even unusual for a WPA structure associated with post-secondary education. The barn, on the campus and with reference to the WPA construction program in general, is notable for its type, gambrel roof style and scale. WPA barns are most unusual! Construction of both buildings provided needed job opportunities for destitute workers and enabled them to regain some of their self-respect and to and to acquire a measure of economic security

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: The stone house is on property that begins 1765 feet west and 105 feet south of the NE corner of the SE 1/4 of Sec. 9, T 4 S, R 6 E and goes 208 feet west, 208 feet south, 208 feet east and 208 feet north, while the barn is on a tract located in the same 1 / 4 section and begins at a point 1664 feet west and 100 feet north of the SE cornerand goes 208 feet west, 208 feet north, 208 feet east and 208 feet south.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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