Joy Gym – Wynnwood (Vic)

Address: Vicinity of Wynnewood, OklahomaCounty: Murray
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:


The Joy Gymnasium is a single-story, essentially rectangular structure (100′ x 77′) with high ceiling and with a small wing centered on the west side. It is constructed of rusticated and randomly laid native stone. The wing and the front section of the gym have flat roofs with capped parapets, and the gym has an arched roof. Two single door entryways at either end of the front facade have concrete lintels. The casement windows have cut stone sills. Small concrete block dressing rooms on either side of the rear wing of the building do not impeach the structure’s architectural integrity.
Architecturally the Joy Gyumnasium is most unique in the community in terms of its scale. It is easily the largest structure in the community. Equally notable is its construction materials, its WPA style and the nature of its workmanship. Educationally the building is notable because it added an entirely new dimension to the educational curriculum of the Joy School in that it enabled students to participate in intervarsity sports. Adults within the community, moreover, saw it as a source of pride and community spirit–the Joy basketball team was relatively good. Finally, construction of the facility provided jobs and a sense of self worth to men left without income and spirit by the national depression.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Follow U.S. 77 southeast of Wynnewood some three and one-half miles to Joy school gym, which occupys a tract that begins 430 feet west and 208 feet north of the SE corner of Sec. 36, T 2 N, R 1 E, and goes 208 feet north, 208 feet east, 208 feet south and 208 feet west.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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