Kiowa County WPA Kiowa County


  • School Gymnasium-Cooperton
  • Cooperton School Building-Cooperton
  • Gotebo Auditorium And Gymnasium-Gotebo
  • Gotebo Ramp School-Gotebo
  • Gotebo School Bleachers And Tennis Courts-Gotebo
  • Cambridge School-Hobart
  • City Park Tennis Courts And Picnic Table-Hobart
  • City Pool And Bathhouse-Hobart
  • Eugene Field Grade School-Hobart
  • Hobart City Park Entrance, Bathhouse, And Table-Hobart
  • Hobart City Park/kiowa City. F.g. Wall-Hobart
  • Hobart High School Gymnasium-Hobart
  • Hobart Post Office-Hobart
  • Kiowa County Fairgrounds-Hobart
  • Kiowa County Fairgrounds Dog Pound-Hobart
  • Kiowa County Garage-Hobart
  • Kiowa County Jail-Hobart
  • Kiowa County Office Building-Hobart
  • Northwest Park-Hobart
  • Old Dunbar School-Hobart
  • Stone School-Hobart
  • United States Post Office-Hobart
  • Lone Wolf Football Stadium-Lone Wolf
  • Lone Wolf Home Economics And Shop Building-Lone Wolf
  • Lone Wolf School-Lone Wolf
  • Lone Wolf School And Teacherage-Lone Wolf
  • Lugert School-Lone Wolf
  • Kiowa Flat School-Mountain View
  • Mountain View Elementary School-Mountain View
  • Mountain View Junior High School-Mountain View
  • Mountain View Stadium-Mountain View
  • Mountain View-gotebo School-Mountain View
  • Seden School Addition And Tennis Courts-Mountain View
  • Mt. Park School Tennis Courts And Storm Cellar-Mt. Park
  • Kiowa School-Mt. View
  • Lone Starr School-Roosevelt
  • Roosevelt School-Roosevelt
  • Roosevelt School Gymnasium-Roosevelt
  • Snyder School And Gynmasium-Snyder
  • Snyder School Truck Shed And Shop-Snyder
  • Community Building-Unknown
  • Community House-Unknown
  • Gymnasium And Auditorium, District C-6-Unknown
  • Two Room School, District C-2-Unknown

Kiowa County Courthouse Information

Kiowa County Clerk
P.O. Box 854
Hobart, OK  73651
Telephone:  (580) 726-5125

Directions:  On the square at S. Jefferson & E. 4th St.

Libraries in Kiowa County

Hobart Public Library
200 S. Main
Hobart, OK  73651
Telephone:  (580) 726-2535

Addie Davis Memorial Library
301 N. 4th St.
Mountain View, OK  73062
Telephone:  (580) 347-2397

Snyder Public Library
805 E St.
Snyder, OK  73566
Telephone:  (580) 569-4572

Historic Newspaper Archives of Kiowa County

Museum and Historic Societies

Kiowa County Historical Museum
518 S Main St, Hobart, OK 73651
Phone: (580) 726-6202