National Guard Armory – Konawa

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Address:  625 North State, Konawa, Oklahoma 040, Seminole County 133 County: Seminole
Started:   Completed:  1936

Current Usage:


The Konawa Armory is one of the more attractive buildings in southern Oklahoma. The building is a single-story brick structure. It has a drill floor with a high arched roof and a wing on the east side with a lower flat roof. The main entry is recessed inside a concrete arch and framed by pilasters with concrete moldings. There are three garage doors. The casement windows have concrete sills, and the drill floor has arched parapets with concrete caps on the ends. Additional decoration is provided by stepped pilasters, framed by concrete mouldings on the corners and brick insets above the windows. One noteworthy piece of decoration is on the piers that sit on either side of the main entry. On the right pier is a native American thunderbird (reversed swatzika) and on the left pier is a true swatzika.
The Konawa Armory is significant because of its brick construction, unusual for WPA armories in southcentral Oklahoma, and the extent of its concrete moldings. Stylistically it suggests intricate detail, complicated design, and skilled workmen. The use of the swatzika, a Native American emblem, as a decorative element also makes it unique, especially since the swatzika is generally associated with the hated Nazi that the unit stationed at the Konawa Armory and other Oklahoma National Guard units later battled during World War II. The armory, swatzika and all, helped prepare the guard for that major encounter. Construction of it, also, put to work hosts of unemployed oil field workers, giving them some economic security and providing a job skill that they could employ during better economic conditions.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: A tract of land that begins 675 feet west of the SE corner of NWl/4 of Sec. 26, T6N R5E, and runs 416 feet north, 208 feet west, 416 feet south and 208 feet east.


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