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Address:  Vicinity of Warner, Oklahoma 040, Muskogee County 101; SE 1/4, Sec. 5, T 12 N, R 19 E  County  Muskogee
Started:   Completed  1939

Current Usage


The Lone Star School is a single story, rectangular (63′ x 29′) structure constructed of uncut and randomly laid native stone of deep auborn colors. The mortar is beaded. The building has a hipped roof with an intersecting, center gable supported by wood shafts that extends over the recessed, two single door front entry. On the rear, wood sash windows rest on continuous concrete sills and extend to the eaves, the windows now being covered by fiber glass panels. One distinctive feature of the building is a five point star of white stone set in the the south wall.
The significance of this structure is that it stands as a mute symbol to a public works program that helped to preserve the the personhood of workers unemployed because of no action of their own by giving them jobs creating useful structures. In turn, the program helped to stimulate the local economy by infusing wages paid the WPA workers and helped to ungrade the quality of education available in Oklahoma’s rural and isolated schools. The architecture of the school is exceptional for its vernacular style and the quality workmanship of the so¬≠called reliefers.[1]


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