Lugert Dam/Altus Lake – Altus

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“In Oklahoma 326 conservation and flood control dams and hundreds of ponds were built with WPA dollars. Several dams in Oklahoma were built for the primary purpose of conserving water that could be used for multiple purposes. Lake Texoma and Grand Lake both became realities before the end of WPA. The Lugert Dam to create Altus Lake had the initial purpose of providing irrigation. In order to begin work in that location, a CCC camp had to be dismantled, and WPA workers were brought in to ready a camp for the influx of workers anticipated. Creating Altus Lake also made possible another state park and recreational opportunities.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s decision to build an all-masonry dam was meant to provide jobs for out-of-work Oklahomans and to decrease the amount district water users would have to pay back to the federal government. Construction projects completed with WPA monies were not loans, therefore, no payback was necessary.”


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