Marshall County Service Building – Madill

Address: Fourth and Main Streets, Madill, OklahomaCounty: Marhsall
Started: Completed: 1938

Current Usage:


The two story Marshall County Service building was an existing building reconstructed by the WPA in two stages. Half the structure was completed in 1937 and later, in 1938, a second half was completed. The structure is rectangular (118′ x 49′), and is constructed of rusticated and coursed native sandstone. Mortar is beaded, and the roof is flat with parapets. Two front entries, crowned by a continuous lintel, have been altered from double to single doors. Two others have been enclosed. Two garage doors in the back have been blocked in. The sash windows have concrete sills and lintels. Some of the windows have been blocked in, and concrete insets on the front of the structure state “Marshall County, 1937-8.”
The Community building is significant because construction of it provided job opportunities for unemployed quarry workers and laborers who might outherwise have had to go on the dole. Instead, these workers were able to contribute a fine community building for their county. Architecturally the building is unique for its scale, type, style, workmanship, and materials.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 6 and 7 of Block 20, Madill original

Coordinates: 34.09172 -96.7679


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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