Miami Municipal Fairgrounds – Miami

Address:1129 E St SW, Miami, Oklahoma 74354CountyOttawa
Started Completed1940

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The Miami Fairgrounds contains six depression era structures: two livestock pavilions, an exhibit barn, a wall surrounding the race track, a stable, and a grandstand. The livestock pavilions are constructed of randomly laid, cut, colorful native stone. The 65′ x 125′ pavilions feature masonry which is in excellent condition. The buildings have arched roofs and two entries at either end. Windows have cut stone sills and a continuous lintel. Window openings have been filled with fiber glass panels. Pilasters on the front facade extend above the arched roof line, lending an crenelated effect.
The exhibit barn is rectangular (76′ x 178′) and constructed of uncut and randomly laid native sandstone. The roof is arched and parapeted. Pilasters extend above the roof line on either end. A concrete frieze also provides decorative detail. Windows have cut stone sills, while entries rest in archways. Window openings have been filled with fiber glass panels.
An eight-foot high wall surrounds the race track and field. It stands 8 feet high, measures 18 inches thick, and is constructed of cut native stone with beaded masonry. Every fifteen feet the fence is reinforced with a pier; along its entire length it is capped with cut stone.
The rectangular (90′ x 70′) stable is made of uncut native stone which is in fair condition. It has a gabled roof and an attic.
The fairground grandstand is a rectangular (78′ x 205′) structure constructed with a poured concrete superstructure enclosed with cut, rusticated and coursed native stone. It rises 26 tiers and is covered with a corrugated iron roof which is supported with steel trusses and pur lins.
The Miami Municipal Fairgrounds complex is an excellent example of depression architecture and a public works program. It does not appear, however, to have been a WPA project. Probably it was constructed under a PW A contract.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Just south of Miami in the NW 1/4 of Section 31, T 28 N, R 22 E

Latitude: 36.86077 Longitude: -94.88176


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