Moccas In Bend School – Wyandotte (Vic)

Address: Vicinity of WyandotteCountyOttawa

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This two-room, essentially rectangular (76′ x 30′) structure is constructed from random ashlar masonry. It has a gable roof with one step. Single door entries are found on the north end, and east and west sides of the building. Windows are double-hung, wooden sash and grouped in singles, pairs and bands; on the rear they reach to the eaves; all windows have concrete sills. A concrete inset over the entryway labeled “Dist. No. 5” is a unique feature of this structure.
This school is significant because it symbolizes the commitment of the WPA to the future of America during the worst economic crisis this country has faced. It constituted an immensely important community resource by providing facilities for the education of children and by providing employment to destitute farmers and lead and zinc miners which enabled them to feed their families and maintain their pride. Money from construction wages, at least $6000, were spent locally stimulating economic growth and offsetting the effects of a limited money supply. Architecturally the structure is significant for its high quality workmanship, especially considering it was completed with unskilled labor.[1]


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