Newkirk Bathhouse and Swimming Pool – Newkirk

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Address:  Peach and Tenth Streets, Newkirk, Oklahoma 040, Kay County 071 Country  Kay
Started:  1937 Completed  1938

Current Usage


The Newkirk Bathhouse is a single-story, rectangular (51′ x 26′) structure constructed of poured concrete. The bathhouse roof is flat and the walls above the windows and around the front door are decorated with offsets and incising. Single spaced window openings have been filled in with concrete. Despite this, the building retains its hint of art deco style and integrity.
The Newkirk Bathhouse and Swimming Pool are significant because they demonstrate the commitment of the WPA to the provision of facilities that would enhance the quality of life in a rural and drought striken community. Recreational improvements were designed to lift the spirits of a people weighed down by the consequences of a national economic depression compounded by searing heat. Additionally, the facility impacted the community in a more tangible way: it poured wages from some 16,800 man-hours of labor into the local economy, helping to revitalize main street. These wages also lightened the burden of the depression for previously jobless workers, addressing the problems of hunger and self-pride. Architecturally, the facility is notable locally for its art deco style, poured concrete construction material, and recreational type.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 9 through 16, Block 16, Academy Addition to Newkirk original.


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