Newkirk Water Purification Plant – Newkirk

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Address:  Tenth and Elm Streets, Newkirk, Oklahoma 040, Kay County 071  Country  Kay
Started:  1936 Completed  1936

Current Usage


The Newkirk Water Purification Plant is a rectangular (110′ x 26′) structure with second story rooms at the north and south ends of the filtration pool, all of which is constructed of poured concrete. The roofs on the second story rooms are gabled. A single door entryway in the second story is reached by a flight of stairs: the entry on the north end is reached by a catwalk over the filtration pool. Fixed metal windows are single spaced with concrete slip sills.
Construction of the Newkirk Water Purification Plant was important in providing an efficient waterworks system to this community. It suggested the wide variety of useful projects undertaken by the WPA and the agency’s commitment to addressing basic problems resulting from the drought plaguing the region. In addition, the project created temporary employment of jobless workers in the area during the Depression and improved civic morale. Wages for some 19,000 man-hours of labor helped to revive the local economy. As a WPA structure, the facility is notable for its type as well as its unusual style. Within the community, the water plant is unique in terms of its type, style, and construction materials.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 1 and 2, Block 50, Newkirk original.

This property is listing on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]


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