Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Fence – Miami

Address: North 1st and West 4th Streets, Miami, OK CountyOttawa

Current Usage:

Rock Wall


The campus of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College is partially encompassed by a WPA constructed rock fence. This double rock, 4 foot high and 18 inch thick fence is constructed of uncut and uncoursed native sandstone. It extends north to south some 150 feet, and east to west some 470 feet. Support piers with stone caps are situated on 49 foot centers; end columns have stone caps and are taller, up to the top of which the fence curves. After fifty years there are few if any cracks in the structure.
The NEO fence is significant because of the immediate economic impact it had upon the Miami community. One of the first projects approved in the county, the fence and other beautification activities put to work destitute agriculturalists and lead and zinc miners, enabling them to provide for their families through meaningful work. Moreover, wages from some 62,000 man-hours of labor were poured into the local economy so that main street could better withstand the ill effects of the depression. Architecturally, the fence is significant for its length and exceptional workmanship. Most important is that the fence symbolizes an enlightened government policy that sought to put people to work when the private sector was unable to do so.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination
  2. The Living New Deal

Supported Documents:

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