National Guard Armory – Okemah

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Address:  Sixth and Columbia Streets, Okemah, Oklahoma 040, Okfuskee County 107 County:  Okfuskee
Started:   Completed:  1936

Current Usage:


This armory is a single-story, rectangular (109′ x 130′) building constructed of cut, coursed, and rusticated native stone of buff colors. The high ceiling central portion of the building has an arched roof, while on either side the roof is flat. Parapets are on all sections. Modified stepped pilasters over square segments with a stepped cornice enhance the doorways. There are also pilasters with decorative inserts at the corners. The building’s workmanship displays a faint art deco style architecturally. The entrance is recessed behind a segmental archway. There are several garage entrances located at various locations on the armory. The metal encased windows have wood inserts and/or painted white.
This armory is notable for its art deco style, but especially for its scale. Few structures in Okemah can compare to it in size. It is significant because construction of this building gave some economic security to unskilled and unemployed laborers when it was needed most in the winter of 1935-1936 and infused wages of some 29,000 man-hours of labor into Okemah’s sick economy. The building itself contributed to the military readiness of a National Guard unit that distinguished itself during the course of World War II.


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