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Address:  Second and Alabama Streets, Okmulgee, Oklahoma 040, Okmulgee County 111 County:  Okmulgee
Started:   Completed:  1936

Current Usage:


The Okmulgee Armory is a three unit, single-story, rectangular (91′ x 192′) structure constructed of rusticated and coursed native stone of buff color. The roof over the central unit is arched while elsewhere it is flat. All three sections contain parapets. Pilasters at the corners and framing the main entry provide decorative relief–as do vertical indentations in the rock work above the windows and below the parapets, which gives the structure a “fortress” appearance. Some of the elongated, metal encased windows have concrete sills. The armory also contains several garage doors.
As a WPA structure, this armory is exceptional for its quality of workmanship and its scale. Architecturally it is also unique within Okmulgee in terms of style, type, and materials. Construction of this armory provided jobs for destitute workers at a time when the oil and gas industry had problems and farming was at a low point. Okmulgee, a farm trading center, suffered an influx of unemployed people which made public work opportunities particularly important. The project enabled the WPA to infuse wages of some 58,000 man­hours of labor into Okmulgee’s economy and thus to ease the impact of the depression along main street.


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