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Address:  8th and Ruble Streets, Pawhuska, Oklahoma 040, Osage County 113  County:  Osage
Started:   Completed:  1936

Current Usage:


A one unit facility, the Pawhuska Armory is rectangular (125′ x 135′) with offsets and is constructed of rusticated and generally coursed native sandstone. The stones were quarried some 3.5 miles west of the armory and many are huge. The roof is flat except over the drill fooor where it is arched. Parapets and pilasters, the latter at the corners and framing the main entry, provide decorative relief–as do vertical indentations in the rock work above the windows and below the parapets. The armory has elongated metal casement windows symetrically placed, three garage doors and a recessed main entryway.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1936; architect/builder: Bryan Nolan
The Pawhuska Armory is particularly significant because it was one of the structures sponsored by the WPA shortly after the agency was established. Along with other armories across the state, it was to provide job opportunities for unemployed and destitute workers during the desperate winter of 1935-1936. That the building program helped to salvage broken and hopeless lives makes the armory a symbol of a government that cared for its citizens. Just as notable is that the armory helped to prepare units of the 45th Infantry Division that within five short years would be winning distinction in battles in North Africa and Europe. The Pawhuska Armory, in this sense, contributed directly to American victory during World War II.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCR.IPTION: Lots 18-24, Block 42, Pawhuska original plat


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