Porter County Building – Porter

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Address:  Main and 3rd Streets, Porter, Oklahoma 040, Wagoner County 145  County:  Wagoner
Started:   Completed:  1940

Current Usage:


A single story, essentially rectangular (62′ x 108′) structure, the Porter County Building is constructed of unrusticated and uncoursed native sandstone. The mortar is beaded. The flat roof has parapets capped with cut rock; the windows are metal casements. On the front a lean-to roof suported by wood posts covers a veranda-like porch, while on the rear the building is entered by three garage doors. On the south end of the structure has been attached a sheet metal fire station building, but this addition does not impeach the architectural integrity of the WPA structure.
The Porter County Building is significant because construction of it provided much needed jobs for the hardcore unemployed that remained without any job security as the depression pushed into 1940. It says something, too, about the county politics of eastern Oklahoma: Wagoner got the WPA courthouse, Coweta got a WPA court annex–all before 1940. As the third largest town in the county, Porter had to have something too, and thus it got a WPA business office for the county. It is important, also, that the county building served as a detention center for German prisoners-of-war during World War II. Architecturally, the structure is unique in terms of type, style and workmanship within Porter.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 1-5, Block 40, Porter original


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

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