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Address:  West Seminole and N. Second Streets, Porum, Oklahoma 040, Muskogee County 101  County Muskogee
Started:   Completed  1940

Current Usage


This town hall is a single-story, rectangular (47′ x 34′) structure constructed of uncut native stone of auburn and buff colors. Lighter colored stones serve as quoins at the corners. The roof is both gabled and hipped with intersecting valleys. The front and rear entrances are single door and have stoops; only the front entrance is protected with a small lean-to like covering. and are protected On the east front the wood sash windows are paired and rest cut stone sills. On both sides the window openings have cut stone sills below and flat arches above. These openings have been enclosed with wood inserts, as has a garage entrace on the front.
This building is significant because it provided employment for destitute workers and enabled the infusion of wages of a large number of man-hours into Porum’s economy. It is also unique architecturally in terms of type, style, materials, and workmanship. In addition the building enhanced and continues to enhance the operation of town government in Porum.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 9 and 10, Block 10, Porum original.


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