Post Office – Madill

Address:223 W. Lillie, Madill, OKCounty:Marshall
Started: Completed:1938
Agencies:Treasury DepartmentNRHP:April 17, 2009

Current Usage:

Post office / Mural is still hung in the original building.


Filling the wall space above the postmaster’s door is a mural title Prairie Fire painted by Ethel Magafan and installed in 1940. The mural shows a woman grasping a child in a a Conestoga wagon about to be engulfed in flames. The wagon is pulled by four yoked oxen agitated by the conflagration. Two men carrying shovels rush to dig a break to stop the fire from spreading. The scene vividly depicts the action and chaos associated with traveling across and settling the prairies.[4]

Ethel Magafan (1916-1993) was born in Chicago but spent most of their lives in Colorado. [4]

Coordinates: 34.09042 -96.77268


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