Red Oak School and Gym – Red Oak

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Address:  North Main Street, Red Oak, Oklahoma 040, Latimer County 077 County:  Latimer
Started:   Completed:  1940

Current Usage:


A building of ten or more classrooms, the Red Oak school and gymnasium is a single story, essentially rectangular (222′ x 67′, with 69′ x 75′ vertical extension for the gym) structure constructed of rusticated and coursed native sandstone. The roof is flat with parapets except for the gym where it is arched. Two different front entryways are recessed behind arches; pilasters, two with decorative rock work, are symetrically placed on the exterior. Windows are grouped by threes; openings reach to the level of interior ceilings, the size of which has been reduced by wood inserts. A beautiful stone fence surrounds the entire school yard.
The school building is significant because it provided work opportunities for unskilled and unemployed coal miners and agricultural workers in the rural Red Oak community, offering some economic security and promoting self esteem. It also furthered the cause of modern education and provided a source of community pride, especially in the victories of the basketball team playing in the new gym. As a rural WPA school building, the structure is remarkable because of its scale. To the community it is unique architecturally because of its art deco-like style and the quality of workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: All of Lot 9 and the east one-half of Lot 10, Additon One to Red Oak original.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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