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School – Hext

Abandoned building believed to be a WPA building. Thermatic survey does not show at location here.

Believe to be burned down as of May 2021.



  1. Jeff Hodge

    Hext school, or at least the wall surrounding the school is a WPA project. I have pictures of the WPA “Wall” and the school (what’s left of it) itself.

  2. Quincy Vagell

    The school in Hext was built as part of the WPA project. I wrote a story on the building last year and as of today (May 2021) it looks like the school was recently burned down. Maybe it was for safety reasons, because when I last visited it was badly falling apart.

    • gsullaway

      Thanks for the information. I will annotate that on the page.

      • Jeff Hodge

        I have lots of pictures of Hext school from 2021 prior to it burning down.

        • gsullaway

          Send them to my email and I will post them on page.

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