Tahlequah Negro School – Tahlequah

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Address:  225 North Waters, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 04-0, Cherokee County 021 County  Cherokee
Started:  1937 Completed  1938

Current Usage


The old segregated, negro school at Tahlequah is rectangular (32′ x 75′) and constructed of cut, rusticated and coursed native stone. Masonry is excellent. The roof is gabled with one step, while the south, main entry is recessed in an archway. Window openings rise to the eaves. Somewhat altered, the later, however, have been filled with fixed, metal windows. On the northwest corner a cinder block addition has been attached. The alterations, unfortunately, impeach the integrity of the structure.
This structure is significant in that it was constructed for the black community of Tahlequah with black workers made destitute by the depression. It provided an economic salve for the laborers and a boost to their self-esteem. The building also enhanced the quality of education for the se˘ÇÇÉregated youngsters it served, replacing a condemned wood frame structure.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the intersection of Downing and Waters Street, go south 105 feet to a point of beginning, then west 65 feet, south 80 feet, east 65 feet and north 80 feet, all in the northeast corner of block 55, Tahlequah original.

The building is currently used as Tahlequah Public Schools Administration Building.[2]


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