Wanette School and Gym – Wanette

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Address:  Sixth and Martin Streets, Wanette, Oklahoma 040, Pottawatomie County 125 County: Pottawatomie
Started:   Completed:  1937

Current Usage:


A four-room building with a gymnasium, the Wanette School is rectangular (129′ x 66′) and constructed of brick, now painted yellow. The gym has an arched roof, although the remainder of the building has a flat roof with parapets capped with concrete blocks. The front doors are recessed and framed by two brick columns that set at the front of the entryway and by a slightly extended facade that rises to form a stepped cornice at the roof line. Side doors are also recessed but they are not framed as on the front. Window openings have brick sills and extend to the level of interior ceilings; they are now filled with alumnium cased sash windows and one-half window sun shields. Addition of a metal building to the rear of the gym has not compromised the integrity of the structure.
The Wanette School is unique in the use of columns to decorate the front entryway. For an essentially rural school to use brick as the main construction component is also notable. Construction of it, as well as others on the Wanette campus, provided job opportunities to destitute farmers and oil field workers during the course of the depression. The facility also introduced modern education into the district, providing a new environment introduced modern education into the district, providing a new environment conducive to learning–an environment that continues to be utilized by the school.

VERBAL BOUNDARY OESCRIPTION: From the SE corner of Block 12, Wanette original, go west 17 5 feet to a starting point, then north 385 feet, west 150 feet, south 385 feet, and east 150 feet.


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