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Address:  Wood and Cimarron Streets, Drumright, Oklahoma 040, Creek County 037  County  Creek
Started:   Completed  1940

Current Usage

Torn Down[3]


The Washington campus consists of two buildings — a school and a gymnasium. The school of approximately twelve rooms or more is a two-story rectangular (80′ x 64′) structure constructed of cut, coursed, rusticated, and beaded native stone of buff color. The roof is flat with parapets. The entry has tuscan-style pediments with a triangular gable that reaches to the second floor. A bas relief of President Washington is located just above the doors. One horizontal concrete frieze is on the second level of the structure and goes around the entire building. Some windows contain wire, and some are painted over.
A single-story building, the gymnasium is a rectangular (75′ x 130′) structure constructed of cut, coursed, and rusticated, native stone of buff color with a beaded masonry. The roof is arched with the front section of the roof being flat. All parts of the roof have parapets. The entrance is slightly recessed behind concrete pilasters. New windows have been put in and some have been covered with wires. There are pilaster strips along the walls, excluding the back one. These pilasters and the two horizontal friezes and rounded front corners definitely define the style of this structure as art deco. An addition has been attached to the south side of the building, but this does not impeach the integrity of this WPA project.
This WPA project is significant because it provided badly-needed work in the area for destitute and unemployed oil field workers. It also infused wages of some 26,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy, easing the impact of the depression on main street. At the same time it enhanced educational opportunities in Drumright. Architecturally, the art deco style is unique within the city of Drumright, and it is significant in terms of scale, type, materials, and workmanship.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: All of Block 20, Broadway Addition of Drumright original.

Listed on National Register of Historic Places[2]


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