Weleetka Hillcrest Cemetery Fence and Pavilion – Weleetka

Address: Fourth Street, Weleetka, Oklahoma 040, Okfuskee County 107; Sec. 15, T 10 N, R 11 E. County: Okfuskee
Started: Completed: 1935

Current Usage:


The Hillcrest Cemetary features a pavilion and a fence. The cemetary fence is constructed of uncut native stone of buff color. The mortar is beaded, except at the entrance. One side of the fence is 542 feet long. The entrance contains a stepped pediment on each side and the masonry throughout is random rubble. The part of the fence on the north side has been knocked down.
The Hillcrest Cemetary pavilion is constructed of uncut native stone of auburn and buff colors and is a rectangular (22′ x 31 ‘) structure. Masonry is random rubble. The roof is gabled and is supported by stone pediments on all sides. A concrete addition has been added to the corner.
Construction of the cemetery stone fence and the shelter is significant because it provided employment for those badly in need of it early in the depression. Employment opportunities were scarce, and any useful work helped to increase morale at Weleetka. The project also improved the appearance and quality of the cemetery in Weleetka.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: The cemetery property is at the east end of Fourth street or the SE, NE, and 14.5 acres in the west 1/2 of the NE, SE of Sec. 15, T 10 N, R. 11 E.


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