Will Rogers High School – Tulsa

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Address:  3909 E. 5th Place Tulsa, OK 74112 County:  Tulsa
Started:   Completed:  1939

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“Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a fine example of Public Works Administration (PWA) Art Deco architecture.

PWA was established under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to boost public building programs during the 1930s depression.

Architects Joseph R. Koberling jr, Leon B. Senter and A.M. Atkinson collaborated to design the Will Rogers High School which was opened in 1939.

The school consists of a two story brick building with two large square towers marking the entrances. There is a large amount of detailed decoration on the building facade.

Under the classroom windows there are blue-grey panels with intricate decoration. Above the windows and the tops of the towers are decorated in a light pick colour. The decoration continues down the towers to the doorways which have two large black lamps standing on either side.

The slightly more decorative tower has a white panel directly above the doors and then two octagonal medallions featuring Will Rogers, one in a cowboy scene and the other with a movie camera, plane and rodeo rider. “Will Rogers High School” is inscribed in gold below these medallions.

The plainer of the towers has a simple row of windows directly above the doors with two similar octagonal medallions this time featuring representations of a male and female student.

Will Rogers High School was one of the many highlights of the 6th World Congress on Art Deco hosted by the Tulsa Historical Society in 2001.”   (http://artdecobuildings.blogspot.com)


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